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Disloyal Democrats

Governor Cooper's vetoes are the only thing keeping a right-wing state legislature from hurting North Carolina. Most Democrats are standing with Governor Cooper, but these Democrats in Raleigh are betraying their voters by not supporting the Governor’s veto.

SB 359 - Anti-Abortion Bill

SB 359 - Anti-Abortion Bill

 SB 359 is an extreme bill written by politicians, not doctors. This bill targets doctors who provide safe and legal abortion care and threatens doctors with serious criminal penalties.

District 5

Sen. Don Davis (D)

Voted To Override Veto

Call (919) 715-8363

District 47

Rep. Charles Graham (D)

Voted To Override Veto

Call 919-715-0875

District 48

Rep. Garland E. Pierce (D)

Voted To Override Veto

Call 919-733-5803